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About Us

Bluestone Interiors specializes in using fine well crafted furnishings and unique accessorizes to convey a distinctive business image that sets you apart from your competition. Whether you’re creating a new space or updating a current showroom, you can count on Bluestone Interiors to deliver the creativity and design savvy needed to bring your vision to life. We provide innovative solutions to create beautiful, functional workspaces while respecting budgets and schedules.


Contact us for a business/commercial consultation today. 

“The world we live in is shaped by the spaces we live in. Design matters because people matter. You can’t separate one from the other.”

– Alice Jones, Owner of Bluestone Interiors

At Bluestone Interiors we collaborate with every customer to ensure each interior we design or furnish is not only beautiful, but unique and true to your personal style & vision. This ability to showcase each customer's unique story is one reason residential clients love Bluestone Interiors. Whether furnishing & accessorizing “one-of-a-kind” elements or delivering comprehensive interior designs that encompass everything from sophisticated color choices, to artwork and custom window treatments, Bluestone will make your dream a reality.


To preview our collection of unique furnishings & accessorizes or to discuss the broad range of home interior design services Bluestone Interiors offers, Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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